Massage Therapy Exam Review

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 Massage Therapy OSCE Exam Review:

The Objectively Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) is the clinical component of the Massage Therapy Board certification exams. The OSCE exam is designed to evaluate both the candidates’ knowledge and application of skill, and tests their ability to safely and effectively apply the principles and processes of Massage Therapy practice, within the context of multiple clinical scenarios in one of 7 test stations. Scores are given by Massage Therapist examiners based on the candidate’s performance in each station.

Massage Therapy Exam Review:

OSCE Stations: Massage Therapy Exam Review:

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Massage Therapy Board Exam Review:

MCQ Review:

The MCQ is the multiple-choice component of the Massage Therapy certification exams and consists of 100 questions administered within a time period of 115 minutes. This exam is designed to evaluate the candidates’ theoretical knowledge in the three competency areas of health science, professional development and clinical science. Test questions provide four options, where one option is correct and three others are incorrect.

MCQ Categories:

  • Clinical Science

  • Professional Development


Massage Therapy Exam Review for Massage Therapy Graduates from Unregulated Provinces or Trained Internationally:

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