OSCE Station 6: Treatment

Massage Therapy Board Exam Review

OSCE Station 6: Treatment

In Station 6, the candidate is expected to perform a Focused Massage Therapy Treatment, given the presenting case history and assessment findings.

Things to Review:

1. Massage Treatments By Condition

*** (  the above link does not include all conditions learned in class – check your notes and Rattray)

*** ( each case is different so it is important to read the case history and assessment findings from the stem. )

2. Massage Techniques

3. Principles of Massage

  • superficial, deep, superficial
  • general, specific, general
  • proximal, distal, proximal
  • peripheral, central, peripheral

For more information on Principles of Massage pls see: https://www.massagetherapyreference.com/principles-of-massage-sequence-of-techniques/