OSCE Station 2: Client Interview

Massage Therapy Board Exam Review

OSCE Station 2: Client Interview

Health professionals base their treatment plans from Subjective  and Objective information. The Client interview part of the OSCE Exam for Massage Therapists is to test your ability to gather as much subjective information from the client:

Purpose of Gathering Subjective Information:

– have a better understanding of the client’s presenting condition

– to devise an effective treatment plan.)


During the first few months of Massage Therapy school, we have learned the LORDFICARAH mnemonic which stands for Location, Onset, Referral, Duration, Frequency, Intensity, Character, Aggravating Factors, Relieving Factors and Alternative Healthcare and Health History. This is the easiest pattern to follow when obtaining subjective information from massage patients.

Location : Where the pain and tenderness is

Onset: When the pain started

Referral Pattern: Does the pain refer – the behavior of the referral (e.g. numbness, tingling, shooting, burning etc…)

Duration: How long the pain lasts

Frequency: Is the pain constant or does it come and go?

Intensity: The severity of the pain the client is experiencing at the moment and at certain times of the day, moment of injury etc. The client may describe the pain as  Mild, Moderate, Severe OR you may suggest using a pain scale. 1-10/10.

Character: Characteristic of the pain ( dull, shooting, achy, etc…)

Aggravating Factors: What makes the pain worse?

Relieving Factors: What makes the pain decrease or go away?

Alternative Healthcare: Other health care provider that the client has seen in relation to the complaint. (MD, Chiro, Physio, Naturopath, osteopaths, other massage therapists, etc…)

Health History: This information will come from the Health History Form that the massage client fills out when they come in for the first time.

Here is an example YouTube video that may help you with your massage client interviewing skills:

Massage Client Interview Video: