Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy MassagePregnancy – a state of wellness associated with many interrelated changes that occur throughout the woman’s body as the fetus develops. prenatal massage

Considerations for Pregnancy Massage:

  • Pre-Eclampsia: pregnancy induced hypertension which is first detected by a sudden increase in blood pressure and when the increased blood pressure is in combination with proteinuria and generalized edema.
  • Eclampsia – includes all the symptoms of pre-eclampsia with the addition of convulsions.
  • Supine Hypotension – low blood pressure that is caused by the compression of the aorta or the inferior vena cava over the lumbar spine. This can be relieved by placing a folded towel under the patient’s right hip or position the client on her left side. prenatal massage
  • Varicosities – pregnant women experience this because the enlarging uterus compresses the veins in the pelvis. This obstructs venous return to the heart and increases pressure in the veins of the legs. Weight gain also contributes to this.
  • Estrogen, Progesterone and relaxin affects the composition of collagen in the joint capsules, ligaments and fascia to allow greater elasticity. This causes pregnant women to have excessive mobility but also causes muscle spasm ( to provide joint support), which in turn causes pain.
  • Hyperkyphosis and Hyperlordosis, because of poor posture- causing pain in the neck, shoulder and hips
  • Compression Syndromes such as thoracic outlet syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome because of arm and hand edema. Sciatic nerve compression, piriformis syndrome because of legs’ externally rotating from the increased abdominal girth.
  • Edema– occurs due to retention of fluid which usually occurs in the legs.
  • Gestational Diabetes – a type of diabetes mellitus that develops during pregnancy. In late pregnancy, there are increased amounts of insulin in the blood because of insulin resistance in the body.

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Pregnancy Massage Therapy Treatment Contraindications:

  • Emmenagogic essential oils ( those that induce uterine contractions) should not be used in the first 3-4 months of pregnancy.
  • Abdominal and sacral massage is comprised only of light massage techniques or should be avoided especially in the first trimester.
  • Abdominal Massage only after the 4th month of pregnancy( light massage techniques).
  • Deep massage and fascial massage techniques are contraindicated over the low back during the first trimester of the pregnancy.
  • Fascia should be assessed for any stabilizing role in the patient’s posture before using massage techniques to treat them.
  • Aggressive joint play and mobilization techniques during the entire pregnancy and 6 months after pregnancy are contraindicated.
  • Avoid deep massage over varicose veins
  • Massage is contraindicated if a change in blood pressure is noted and if it is combined with other symptoms of pre eclampsia
  • If patient has diabetes, a snack or juice should be eaten prior to the massage treatment and shortly after as well.
  • In the 2nd & 3rd trimester of the pregnancy, the client must be carefully positioned on her back to avoid compression of the Aorta and Inferior Vena Cava. If nausea or discomfort is experienced despite modification, change to side lying or seated or the treatment might have to be discontinued.
  • For pregnant women with heartburn, 2 hours should elapse after a meal before having the massage. prenatal massage massage for pregnant women

Pregnancy Massage Treatment GOALS:

  • Promote a healthy pregnancy by including relaxation techniques and providing a supportive environment.
  • Prenatal massage treatment addressing the indicidual woman’s symptoms with the goal to decrease pain and postural discomforts.
  • Reduce muscle spasm, trigger points and hypertonicity.
  • Reduce edema. safety pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage Therapy Treatment Procedure:

Pregnancy Massage/Prenatal Massage : FIRST TRIMESTER

  • Positioning can be prone, supine or sidelying
  • Massage in the context of wellness and General Relaxation  focusing on areas requested by the client
  • Only gentle massage on the abdomen, low back and sacral areas

Pregnancy Massage/Prenatal Massage : SECOND & THIRD TRIMESTER

  • Position: Sidelying (on the left side preferred), supine or seated
  • Relaxation treatment
  • Modified treatment to avoid releasing supporting fascia
  • Fingertip kneading along the iliac crest
  • Stripping along the intercostals and serratus anterior
  • Upper back and anterior chest (congestion)
  • Compression syndromes of the shoulders and arms are also treated
  • Lateral neck and upper trapezius massage
  • Massage to gluteal region and the piriformis
  • Cold therapy and lymphatic drainage

Self Care for Pregnancy:

  • For leg cramps, contrast or cold bath
  • circulatory exercises of the foot before bedtime such as active ROM movements of the ankle, toes and knees, stretch gastrocs, contract tibialis anterior
  • warm foot bath with 5 drops of lemon and essential oil
  • cold hydro therapy to treat congestion
  • heat to decrease pain due to hypertonic muscles and muscle spasms  massage safety, prenatal massage, massage for pregnant women, massage for pregnancy, pregnant massage,