Osteoporosis Massage

Osteoporosis is a progressive disease where bones become gradually weaker and thinner. The weakening and thinning of the bones causes changes in posture and poses an increased risk of fractures. Osteoporosis is sometimes referred to as the “Silent Thief” because the patient would have the disease for a long time before experiencing signs and symptoms. For example, The patient would just “suddenly” fracture their bones just by turning a doorknob.

Osteoporosis Massage Goals and Treatment:

  • Relaxation Massage treatment context
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Passive movement of the joints

Osteoporosis Massage Contraindications and Considerations:

  • position clients for comfort
  • when prone: pillow lengthwise under the trunk
  • when supine, Pillow or towel lengthwise under the back and under cervical spine
  • no overpressure
  • if client has Hyperkyphosis, remember contraindications for Hyperkyphosis.
  • NO mobilization techniques that stresses the bones ex. Rib springing, aggressive joint play

Self Care for Osteoporosis:

  • walking, yoga or tai chi
  • relaxation techniques
  • avoid flexion exercises
  • avoid high impact exercises