Multiple Sclerosis Massage

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune, inflammatory disease that leads to the degeneration of myelin sheath, and ultimately the nerve tissues in the central nervous system.

  •  MS is a progressive CNS disease that interferes with the brains ability to control functions such as walking, etc

Multiple Sclerosis Massage MS Massage

Multiple Sclerosis Massage Therapy Treatment Contraindications:  Multiple Sclerosis Massage CI

  • Techniques and Modalities that will fatigue patients are contraindicated.
  • Painful techniques such as frictions and vigorous work will increase SNS Firing and also induces fatigue
  • Heat applied over a large area will affect nerve conduction and may cause fatigue
  • Deep techniques are contraindicated in areas with altered sensation.
  • Local massage is contraindicated for decubitus ulcers.

(MS) Multiple Sclerosis Massage Therapy Treatment: Multiple Sclerosis Massage MS Massage

  • most appropriate when in remission
  • MS patients have poor tolerance for rapid changes in temperature; avoid hot and cold (warm and cool are better)
  • watch for inaccurate sensations
  • be conservative in numb areas
  • Position for comfort
  • MLD if necessary
  • Passive ROM of joints
  • Slow, prolonged stretch to contractures
  • Kneading, stroking, shaking
  • GTO , OI to spastic muscles

 Multiple Sclerosis Massage MS Massage

Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple Sclerosis Massage MS Massage

  • fatigue, weakness and spasm
  • changes in sensation (paraesthesia, reduced sensation, numbness)
  • loss of coordination, muscle stiffness, difficulty walking
  • loss of cognitive function
  • depression
  • Lhermitte’s sign (electrical sensation when neck is in flexion)
  • digestive disturbances , optic neuritis, sexual and urologic dysfunction
  • benign MS (1 flare only)
  • malignant MS (rapidly progressive)
  • relapse and remission

MS Medical Treatment: Multiple Sclerosis Massage MS Massage

  • symptomatic
  • steroids, immune suppressants
  • exercise, physical therapy for maintenance