Saskatchewan Massage Therapy Training Schools


Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan, Inc.

Membership Requirements:

– Minimum of 2,200 hours of massage therapy education from an accredited educational institute.

– Write and pass the Board Examination

– Apply to join MTAS – complete the required membership application form and submit your annual fees.

Massage Therapists from other Provinces:

– If you have written and mastered the Board Examination in another province that is affiliated with CMTA (Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance), or are a member of the College in a legislated province (British Columbia, Ontario or Newfoundland/Labrador), we require a letter of good standing from the College.

– Complete the membership application form and submit your annual fees, along with a copy of your current CPR level C and Standard First Aid certificate, a copy of your malpractice and liability insurance certificate and a copy of your school transcript or diploma. Also include proof of any continuing education you have completed.

Membership Fee

Practicing or non-resident practicing member – $355.00.

Non-practicing member – $177.50.

Honourary member – no charge.

Education/instructor member – $88.75.

Second year student member – $35.00.

There is no tax on membership fees.

 Saskastchewan Massage Therapy Schools

Regina Massage School

  • The Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies Inc. , 832 McCarthy Blvd., Regina SK. Our Massage College has been providing quality education and training in Massage Therapy since 1978. With a premiere facility, continually peer reviewed curriculum and a variety of delivery, we remain on the cutting edge of the biological sciences and practical applications of Massage Therapy. Our College has dedicated itself to the advancement of Remedial Massage Therapy and Manual Therapies. We pursue a scientific approach to massage which requires a thorough understanding of the functions of the body and it’s anatomy. The College’s approach to massage is based upon more than 75 years of history in Osteopathic Medicine. This unique focus gives you a rewarding and successful practice upon graduation.

 Saskatoon Massage Therapy Schools

  • Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, 114 – 701 Cynthia Street Saskatoon, Saskatchewan : offers 2200- hour Advanced Massage Diploma. Since 1992, Professional Institute of Massage Therapy has been an industry leader in massage therapy in Western Canada. Originally located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we opened in Calgary, Alberta and have plans for an Edmonton Campus soon. We provide massage programs based on market demands and the regulations within each particular province that we operate in. In Saskatchewan, our 2,200 Hour Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma Leads the way! Our brand new facility and 20 years of experience keeps our graduates in high demand. We were the first full-time program and we believe we are the best full-time program in the province. Our retention, graduation and employment rates are impressive. We have provided the skill set to help many new Canadians find jobs, which is something we are particularly proud of. As a supporter of provincial regulation of massage, we participate vigorously in any forum that helps assist in that process. We are a member of the Canadian Council of Massage Therapy Schools, an advocate group for sound educational practices in the field of massage therapy.
  •  McKay Massage & Hydrotherapy Program. 133 3rd Avenue North Saskatoon, SK.Our program provides quality instruction which strives to balance the mastery of the art and science of therapeutic massage in an interactive learning environment. We envision our graduates as professional, skilled, and competent massage therapists who will play a leadership role in educating the general public and other health care professionals about the value and benefits of touch in creating health and wellness throughout the world. Massage Therapy is one of the fastest growing complimentary alternative medical (CAM) professions. More and more of the medical community and general public are recognizing massage therapy as a “preventative” strategy as well as a repair and rehabilitative modality. Massage is a fundamental building block to a health and wellness lifestyle and our graduates bring all of their training in anatomy, remedial exercise, nutrition and physiology to help their clients find the goals they have set for themselves.

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