Massage Schools Online: The Truth

Massage Therapy Schools Online:

I have google searched Massage Therapy schools online for days and what I have found is that =  it is possible to study massage therapy online ONLY if you want a short certificate to maybe be a body worker who performs relaxation massages ( not a licensed massage therapist), or to learn massage but not care about the licensing and certification. Also, there are the rare massage schools in some areas that offer part of their study online but you would still have to attend classes for the hands on massage training.

Massage is very hands on. When I was in Massage Therapy school, almost half of the day was Massage Therapy class – where the massage teacher teaches us massage theory,  shows us the techniques, we practice the massage techniques on our classmates, and have our classmates practice the massage techniques on us. Even the eager students make mistakes and need teacher supervision. It is possible to watch online massage courses and maybe practice it on your friends but then they would not know if you are doing it right so you won’t get  proper feedback, and there won’t be a professional and certified licensed Massage instructor to see if you are doing the massage right.

Also, even if it is possible to study anatomy online by watching videos, it is still so much better to have an experienced professional to help you palpate ( to examine or explore by touching) the anatomical structure. In the beginning, it is really hard to know what structure you are touching.

If you are really serious about becoming a licensed or registered Massage Therapist, it is better to just plan the steps in attending a real accredited Massage Therapy school instead of wasting time shopping for massage schools online or attending online massage schools and not getting licensed in the end especially since most States and Provinces are acquiring stricter rules for Massage Therapy. It is getting tougher to become a licensed or registered Massage Therapist because of all the requirements. Besides, even if you get a massage certificate from an online massage school, even spas these days look for a massage therapist who is licensed in their state of province. If you are lucky, you might find an real accredited school in your area that offers some of their classes online.

e style, massage schools online it’s a good idea to think about what you’re most interested in so that you can be sure to get appropriate training. A great way to introduce yourself to the variety of massage specialties is to try them out for yourself. It can get a little about different types of massage online massage therapy schools, or check out massage books at your local library. You can learn a lot about massage therapy just by reading about it.  so be sure to check out all their claims carefully. Look for a program that leads to certification and which satisfies your jurisdiction’s massage schools online licensing requirements (which may include accreditation) massage therapy school online.

You should also try to find a school that caters to any specialties you are most interested in. online, massage therapists what schools they went to and what they thought of their experiences online massage therapy school. You’ll also want to consider your budget. Massage schools can be quite expensive, with tuition Most schools offer some kind massage school online of financial assistance, including federal student loans. Most massage schools teach basic Swedish massage and allow you to choose other specialties in addition to that. range of course lengths. In the U.S., many states training, so you massage schools online can expect to spend at least that much time in the classroom and practicing.

Massage therapists or masseuses relieve, rehabilitate, and relax clients by working their soft-tissue muscle. massage school online The Department of Labor estimates that this profession will grow patient. They need to be concerned about other people, and they need to want to help them. They also have to be comfortable around people, because massage therapy is an inherently intimate situation. You should want to do this because you want people to feel good about themselves Online massage school. massage school online.